Spanish chickpea stew and "pringá"

Spanish chickpea stew
Receta en español aquí

This is a traditional Spanish recipe and it’s very easy to cook if you can find the ingredients.
Normally we eat this dish in winter due to is a very energetic food; so now it’s the perfect moment!

Spanish chickpea stew  and "pringá"

Ingredients  (6 peoples)
400 g chickpeas
100 g white beans
Salt to taste
1 tablespoon sweet paprika
Hot water

A piece of pumpkin (about 600 g before removing the skin and seeds)
1 bunch of Swiss chard, just the stalks (you can save the leaves for a vegetable broth or an omelet).
1 handful green beans (about 100 g)

Meat (“pringá”)
2 or 3 fresh chorizos
One big "morcilla" (blood sausage)
400 g pork to stew
A piece of  pork "tocino"



Put the chickpeas and the white beans in a large bowl and cover with cool water overnight to soak.

chickpeas and white beans

Next day wash the vegetables and the meat.
Chop green beans and chard stalks.
Cut pumpkin in a couple of pieces.

Drain the beans and chickpeas from their soaking water. Put them in a large pressure cooker and add the sweet paprika.
Place the “pringa” over legumes and then add the vegetables.
Season with salt and finally add hot water to cover them. Never fill a pressure cooker more than two-thirds full with food.

Close the pressure cooker and cook over high heat, 30 minutes since cooker pressure reach high pressure.
If when you open the pressure cooker chickpeas are still hard and no more water remains,  you can add a cup of hot water and continue to cook until soft.

Serve the chickpeas with a little of "pringá" for everyone, and enjoy.

Another day you can eat a little piece of bread filled with the “pringá” leftovers, this is a very popular "tapa" here in Seville.

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